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  • 台灣代購 - 威士忌網店 on sale, welcome to buy!


威士忌網店,連FACEBOOK專頁出售,網站超過300款產品介紹。 主要做訂購,有客人落ORDER先會訂貨,現金流無壓力。 只需要簡單宣傳,安排寄貨每月可收$2000-3000。 如果宣傳方面做好D,一定唔只呢個數。

Together with the website (Domain) / Web space (Hosting) sold together?

Yes                             / Yes

Sold together with the database?

Yes, and the information sold complies with the 'The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance' (Hong Kong) and other relevant laws and regulations

Sold together with the original design source (Design Source) such as AI/PSD?


Other things sold together?

Sale model

Full sale or partial sale (i.e. buy a part of the share to become a partner)