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What is an online business?

Generally speaking, online business refers to various business activities derived from the electronic/online world.

Should online entrepreneurship be full-time or part-time?

Either way, it depends on individual needs.

Do I need to rent an office for online entrepreneurship?

You can rent or not rent, depending on personal needs and company business needs.

Does online business/startup need to apply for a business registration certificate?

Of course. Any business for commercial purposes, even online business, must contact the "Company Registry"Apply for the relevant business registration certificate. As for whether the applicant is a limited company or an unlimited company, it depends on individual needs. You can click here to see the difference between the two.

Does online business/startup need to pay taxes?

Of course, all companies for commercial purposes need to pay tax if they make profits. For details, please refer to the guidelines of the "Inland Revenue Department" .

How to judge the value of online business?

It's harder to prepare to consider the value of business, because its characteristics are mostly low-cost but high-profit, explosive power can also be quite sudden and difficult to estimate (such as Facebook's acquisition at sky-high prices, Instagram, yahoo, ebay, Whatsapp, etc.). It can promote its own brand. In addition, you can allow fans and friends to receive your company information without interruption, and contact most online users. We try to estimate the value of online business from the following ten aspects:

1. Online business such as the website itself has all functions and complexity
2. Online business such as the design of the website itself
3. Online business such as the website itself, the program is easy to take over or not
4. Is the back-end content management system (CMS) of an online business such as a website easy to operate and easy to use, and whether users can easily update the content of the website
5. Online business such as website ranking in major search engines (such as Google / Yahoo)
6. The number of existing members of an online business such as a website
7. Monthly or daily page views of online businesses such as websites
8. The long history of online business like a website and its URL
9. The development potential of its online business in the future market environment
10. There are more and less competitors in the same online business

Generally speaking, what are the benefits or advantages of online business or entrepreneurship?

1. The cost is much lower than offline business: no need to pay expensive rent (e.g. rent a shop) and buy expensive tools for making money (e.g. kitchenware, food materials)
2. Easy to manage and operate: There is not much time required to manage and operate, and most of the systems are automated/intelligently assisted, with relatively few manpower requirements, and there are opportunities to greatly save manpower costs.
3. Work place and time flexibility and autonomy: A computer can go all over the world, and you can do business while working
4. Wide range of business opportunities: For example, the famous online game Second Life, "Everything offline can also be uploaded online"
5. There are a large number of Internet/mobile users, customers can reach all over the world

I don't have any IT skills or computer knowledge, can I start an online business?

Of course there is no problem. Online business is a business, a commercial activity, not a technology. Therefore, even if you don't have any IT technology or computer knowledge, you can find IT companies to create your favorite online business, or you can buy an existing online business directly. And in many cases, websites or mobile apps have their content back-end management system, and online business operators can easily update or publish online business content in the back-end.

What are the common online businesses?

Online businesses can be very diverse and will vary with time or market changes. However, common online businesses can be mainly divided into "online shops", "group buying website", "tutorial agent website", "other intermediary website", "friends making website", "forums", and "social networking sites" , "Internet platforms (such as OpenRice)", "iPhone / Android mobile apps", "iPhone / Android mobile games", etc. are common online entrepreneurship tools.

When buying an online business, do I need to buy the seller's company together?

No need. Buyers can only purchase the business (such as online shop / mobile app) without purchasing the seller's company.