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  • Online Business Opportunities in Hong Kong-WEBable is the first and only website trading shop in Hong Kong. It provides one-stop website subscription, sale, and purchase services. It also has a series of online promotion packages and online entrepreneurship production packages.

Terms of Service and Disclaimer

All those who visit "WEBable" (official website https://webable.com.hk) on this website should read and agree to the following terms, conditions and disclaimer (If you do not agree to these terms, you should leave this website )

Seller terms:
If the seller (that is, the owner of the online business network) wants to sell his online business on this website, he needs to sign an entrustment agreement to entrust "WEBABLE" as the agent for the sale/transfer of the online business to help find a suitable buyer to buy the business operated by the seller . "Business Valuation", "Business Profile" and "Business Profile Attachment" are given to "WEBABLE" based on the seller's statement. "WEBABLE" will not bear any responsibility for such information. If the seller has any amendments to the business profile, it must be "WEBABLE" is carried out in written form, and all information is ultimately subject to the signed "Sale Agreement". The data in the database sold by the seller must comply with the 'The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance' (Hong Kong) and related laws and regulations. If any legal issues are involved, "WEBABLE" will not be liable.

Buyer terms:
If the buyer wants to check the online business information published by this website as an agent, he needs to sign a website sales service and confidentiality agreement. Buying business involves risks. Buyers should pay attention to personal risk tolerance and financial situation before making a decision to buy business, and assess whether individual businesses are suitable for them. The buyer understands that all the information provided by "WEBABLE" is based on the seller's statement and is for reference only. There is no guarantee that it will be absolutely correct, and it is not part of the contract. The buyer knows and understands that if it intends to purchase, it must investigate the business and verify the business information on its own, and all information is for reference only.

Sale and purchase agreement:
If the buyer and seller confirm the online business transaction, they need to sign a sales agreement. It includes detailed terms such as "transaction price and takeover date", "trading conditions", and "payment terms", which are negotiated by both parties. Both buyers and sellers agree that "WEBable" in the sale and purchase agreement will only act as an agent for handling business transfer matters and only assist in the execution of the agreement.