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  • 港澳旅遊資訊網站 on sale, welcome to buy!


港澳旅遊網站,主要人流來自香港,少數來自澳門、台灣等地方 主要運用聯盟行銷和google adsense賺錢~ 日流量約400-800 共發佈了47篇文章。

Together with the website (Domain) / Web space (Hosting) sold together?

Yes                             / Yes

Sold together with the database?

Yes, and the information sold complies with the 'The Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance' (Hong Kong) and other relevant laws and regulations

Sold together with the original design source (Design Source) such as AI/PSD?


Other things sold together?

Sale model

Full sale or partial sale (i.e. buy a part of the share to become a partner)