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Welcome to buy: (優質)澳門著名Call的士Apps

  • (優質)澳門著名Call的士Apps on sale, welcome to buy!


一個功能完整且用戶達五千多人的澳門Call的士Apps,包含用戶端及司機端,iPhone 和 Android 都有,總共四個Apps。只出售源代碼,可即時上架營運。

Together with the website (Domain) / Web space (Hosting) sold together?

Yes                             / Yes

Sold together with the database?

Yes, but do not sell the internal data, only the database structure (Database Structure)

Sold together with the original design source (Design Source) such as AI/PSD?


Other things sold together?

Sale model

Full sale or partial sale (i.e. buy a part of the share to become a partner)