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Welcome to buy: 專賣童裝.女裝.雜貨之網上網店出售!

  • 專賣童裝.女裝.雜貨之網上網店出售! on sale, welcome to buy!


專賣童裝.女裝.雜貨之網上網店,搜羅稱心滿意服飾,歡迎客戶零售選購或批發查詢! 連一個網站(網上商店)及兩個專頁(fans page)出售。

Together with the website (Domain) / Web space (Hosting) sold together?

Yes                             / Yes

Sold together with the database?

Yes, but do not sell the internal data, only the database structure (Database Structure)

Sold together with the original design source (Design Source) such as AI/PSD?


Other things sold together?

Sale model

Full sale or partial sale (i.e. buy a part of the share to become a partner)